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ZIm Flunks At Saving His Race Is The Fourteenth Episode Of Invader Zim X. Both This And The Episode It's An Invader Zim X Christrmas Had Aired At The Same Time And This Episode And False Start Were Both Placed Out Of Order Since False Start Aired Before This One.

Zim Flunks At Saving His Race
Season 1, Episode 14
Air date 12/9/17
Written by Shroob12 & LyokoWarrior12
Directed by LyokoWarrior12
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One evening Zim along with Gir were flying in the ship but suddenly a Giant warship approaches Zim's spaceship and the warship ain't looking friendly. The Ship looks like a Giant Black and red UFO with 1,000 mega lazer cannons and it is really long, so long that it could be the width of 1,000,000 universes and it is armed with 1,000 black and purple robots that looked like the Irken's but taller, muscular and fierce with blood red eyes. Then a Giant guy that looks like Giant Purple colored Mecha Zim Senetal wearing purple samurai armor with a Black robe arrives. The evil Zim Sentinel points his finger at the Irken Spaceship and the robots hoot and holler and land on the Irken spaceship.

The Irkens hear random thuds and get nervous wondering what's going on, until one of their screens shows tall robotic looking Irkens damaging their spaceship. The Irkens panic and scream like crazy until Zim arrives to stop the evil robot invaders. Zim gets on a violet jet and randomly shoots at everything even damaging the ship even further, which then results in the ship exploding.             

Zim thinks that the robots destroyed the Irkens and heads to the Giant warship. Zim enters and gets surrounded by evil Irken ripoff robots which shoot at him. Zim screams and runs away like a crazy person as the robots keep on shooting at him. Zim then has enough and breaks free from the giant Warship as the robots chase him and then the Warship just bolts away. I will win you fool and ME THE ALMIGHTY ZIM WILL TALE OVER MY PLANET AND BE AN INVADERRRRRRRRRRRRR screamed Zim.            

Later after the Indecent the evil Zim Sentinel guy laughs at Zim and then takes off the mask revealing himself as an Ogre who calls himself General Zorko the Destroyer of Worlds (alias Invader Zorko.) Zorko calls Zim a crybaby who failed Alien Invader School and laughs at the whole situation as he blasts his Warship away from his fight with Zim as their fight started they fought all the way to death and Zim has won the fight and he decided to live another day as he went back to earth. Back at the base he told The Tallest about everything and then he were confused about Zorko and then Zim signed off and went back to work as the episode ends.

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Note: This Is The First Of Second Not To Feature Dib And Gaz.