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The official picture of Violet

Violet is a Fanon character in the series Invader Zim.


Violet has honey brown hair, with blond streaks, that is usually worn loose, a majority of the time Violet wears her signature dark purple dress, with black and grey plaid tights, and black boots, other times she occasionally wears a magenta T-shirt, dark grey jeans, and black boots.


Violet can be described as 'Cute but dangerous' due to her violent nature. Whenever someone tries to hurt or insult Dib, she'll beat them up. On occasion though, Violet has been shown to be deathly afraid of Gaz.

Violet tends to overreact, as shown in Laptops on a Plane, when Dib mentioned his 'cheerleader friend'.

Violet also has quite a bit of musical talent as shown in April Fool's Blank.

Relationship with Dib

Violet is Dib's girlfriend, as mentioned many times in the TWWoMLD Series.

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