The Invader ZIM Fanfiction Wiki

Hi I'm zimfan, a rollback and chat moderator on this wiki, and i can help you with almost anything on this wiki, so don't be afraid to ask me something on My TalkPage!

Why i joined:[]

I joined because i love Making Fiends and Invader Zim, and like writing. So this was a dream to me! that is why i joined.

My Fanfics I made:[]

I am actually in the middle of a series called Aliens And Fiends!

Edit: This project is not going to be continued on this wiki, due to me leaving this indefinately leaving this wiki. However, both episodes will be re-uploaded on Creativity wiki, along with all following episodes.

1: Aliens And Fiends: Part 1: Welcome to Clamburg

2: Aliens And Fiends: Part 2: Gaz Vs Vendetta.