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Hello hyooman worm babies!!!!! I am your supreme ruler, The Almighty TheAwesomeGirl, You can call me Princess. Miya, Princess Miya, TAG, AwesomeGirl, TheAwesomeGirl, Princess TAG, or just Awesome, but never call me "The girl I'm gonna overthrow, so I have sole rights to the wiki" cause like the Almighty Tallest, You can't overthrow me. And I'm trying to be fair here!

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I am a girl, and I am your supreme ruler. I own this wiki, and I always will, until I pass it down to a lesser user, or my own kin. So, I bet your wondering who The Almighty Princess Miya came from, aren't you? Well, I have a lot of free time! I write Fanfiction on, and I also have the ultimate key to the wiki! Feb. 24 isn't actually my birthday, but it's my lucky day.