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Hello people of Earth, Irk, Gark, and Wisconsin, this is the Invader ZIM fanfiction Wiki, devoted completely to Invader ZIM Fanfiction, I am TheAwesomeGirl and i'm Zimfan:D, your supreme rulers and junk, I created the wiki, in the hopes that all Irkens, Earthlings, Fiends, Vendettas, Charlottes, Garklings, and Wisconsinites could create Invader ZIM/Making Fiends Fanfiction, so enjoy, create, follow These Rules, and contact Zimfan:D or Tag if you have any questions, or have anything to report.

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This is strictly for Fanfiction, if you have canon related stuff, put it on The Invader ZIM wiki. So enjoy!

Pages needed: Gaz, Almighty Tallest Purple, and Almighty Tallest Red. Also needs Making Fiends pages.

Admin Announcements

1/2/2012: I Have just added the chat feature to the wiki, feel free to chat with me when it's convenient, I'd love to get to know my users! TheAlmightyAwesomestPrincess 22:00, January 2, 2012 (UTC)

2/7/2012: I have noticed that htere isn't much activity on the site, so please advertise this site, new users keep the site going TheAlmightyAwesomestPrincess 02:50, February 8, 2012 (UTC)

3/30/2012: Shout out to Zimfan:D He has joined the wiki and is bringing it to life!

3/30/2012: We now are officially accepting fanfics! We actually have two up right now, from each of our admins, Tag and Zim:


Zims (this one is a very long one, and will become even longer, as this is part 1 out of ??): Aliens And Fiends

We will have more up soon, so lets hope for the best! Zimfan:D 05:07, March 31, 2012 (UTC)

4/22/2012: After 23 days of admining and helping start up this wiki, I have decided to leave the wiki. I helped enough to get this wiki up and running, and now I can leave. So, bye for now, and if I come back one day, I hope to see this wiki flourish. If I Didn't Like Invader Zim, My Username Wouldn't Be Zimfan 17:22, April 22, 2012 (UTC)

8/8/2012: I have returned, and will work on the wiki! NYANYANYAN!!! DA SQUID FAD YO!! I'm partially crazy, Miya Parker 21:50, August 8, 2012 (UTC)