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The Big Bang Of Doom
Season 6, Episode 6
Air date 05/04/2021
Written by Shroob12
Directed by LyokoWarrior12
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Following the previous episode with the Crystal being taken to the Massive.

Zim and Naggot were chasing the warriors as they were taking the Crystal back to the Massive for the Tallest.

Sirs Zim and Naggot are chasing us and we are almost coming to you right now said the warrior.

Good now hurry up we will deal with Zim and Naggot said Tallest Red.

Soon Zim and Naggot managed to catch up to Irken warriors.

Soon Zim and Naggot managed to catch up to the warriors who were flying the ship with the Crystal in the ship to the Massive.

Zim aim out ship at the Massive's hyperdrive so they can't go anywhere said Naggot.

Yes sir said Zim.

Soon he did so and the ship was set for the hyperdrive.

The warriors soon got inside the Massive as Zim and Naggot managed to get in small ships and get inside the Massive as well.

Soon Zim and Naggot's ship crashed into the Massive's hyperdrive.

The ship was shaking a little.

My Tallest our ship's hyperdrive was hit by Zim and Naggot and now we are stuck here said the pilot.

Great now we are stuck here until we can fix the hyperdrive said Tallest Purple.

Warriors take the Kyber Crystal and lock it up so Zim and Naggot can't find it said Tallest Purple.

Yes sir said the warriors.

They soon took the Crystal to the lock up room.

Zim and Naggot were hiding from the Irken guards while trying to find where they took Crystal.

Zim was still upset about Crystal and missed her.

Zim I know your still upset about Crystal being dead but it's been two years since it happened said Naggot.

I know but I miss her a lot and it's my fault that shes dead I should've protected her when I got the chance said Zim.

Zim don't let judgement cloud you it's not right said Naggot.

Whatever said Zim.

Soon Tallest Red and Purple contacted Dooku.

Tallest Red and Purple do you have my Crystal ready asked Dooku?

Yes my lord we have it ready to go said Tallest Red.

Good now bring that Crystal to me right now said Dooku.

Well about that sir our ship's hyperdrive was damaged during the assault against Zim and Naggot said Tallest Purple.

But we have Zim and Naggot on our warriors ship that have the Crystal but it will only be a matter of time before it is fixed said Tallest Red.

Tallest Red and Purple have your warriors find Zim and Naggot right away and have them dead we must not let them have the Crystal said Dooku.

And make sure that you do not lose the Crystal again said Dooku.

Return it to me as soon as your hyperdrive is fixed and kill Zim and Naggot said Dooku.

Yes our lord said Tallest Red.

Warriors find Zim and Naggot and have them killed we must fix the hyperdrive before they get their hands on the Crystal we must get it to Dooku now find them said Tallest Purple.

Soon the warriors were taking the Crystal to a lockup room as Zim and Naggot were following them inside.

Soon the alert was on and the warriors were shocked.

Warriors listen Zim and Naggot are lose on this ship find them and kill them said Tallest Red.

Sir yes sir as they ran away to find them.

Zim and Naggot were trapped in the room with the Crystal.

Great now were stuck here we gotta get out of here said Zim.

Soon Zim and Naggot were destroying the door to open it to get out with the Crystal.

Soon the Irken warriors found them and they started to blast them.

Zim and Naggot soon took the Crystal to the hanger so they can get out.

Ok Naggot sir look a ship that's what we need said Zim.

Yes now Zim go get the Crystal onboard and lets get out of here said Naggot.

Yes sir said Zim.

Soon the warriors found Zim and Naggot as they were attempting to leave off the ship with the Crystal.

My lord were being attacked said Zim.

Well we have no choice then said Naggot.

What is it then asked Zim?

The only way we can get out of here is to said Naggot.

Yea go on master asked Zim?

Destroy the Crystal said Naggot.

Yes sir said Zim.

Soon Zim started to shoot and fire at the Crystal and soon the Crystal started to fire everywhere in the Irken ship causing it to soon destroy all together.

Zim and Naggot soon got in one of Irken little ships and started to escape as the Irken ship was being destroyed by the Crystal.

WHAT"S HAPPENING screamed Tallest Red!!!


The Tallest were shocked and they were watching Zim and Naggot escaping the other Irken ship as it was blowing up.

GET THEM DON'T LET THEM GET AWAY screamed Tallest Purple!!!

Soon Zim and Naggot got out just in time as the ship finally blew up into pieces as the other ships got caught in the explosion as well.

The Tallest managed to go into hyperspace as half the Massive fleet blew up just in time.

Soon Zim and Naggot were talking about what happened.

Man without the Crystal we may never know what The Tallest would want with it said Zim.

Not the Tallest but someone else way more powerful then them and even more then us said Naggot.

Who asked Zim?

We may never know said Naggot.

As Zim and Naggot flew away back to earth as the episode fads to black

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  • This is the only arc that was finished and released prior to the cancellation of the series.