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Lia Labelle

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The Cafeteria[]

The gang was sitting at their table in the cafeteria when Lia put a machine on the table.

Violet: What the heck is that?

Lia: Watch this!

Lia pushes a button and the machine starts spewing fake snow.

Violet: You got snow on my sandwich!

Lia: Don't eat it! It's poisonous! You'll bleed internally!

Violet: So why exactly do you have a machine that poisons people's food?

Lia: I got if from the uselss stuff catalog I found in my mail box a few weeks ago! [Holds up the catalog]

Gaz: So that gives you the right to poison my pizza?

Lia: It's all in good fun!

Gaz: I'm about to knock the fun right out of your pink haired freakiness!

Lia: Aww! Thanks! You're so sweet!

Gaz: [Eye twitches]

Violet: You know, you don't have to be mean Gaz.

Gaz: And YOU don't have to be dating my dorky brother.

Violet: He's not dorky, and I LOVE him.

Gaz: [Rolls eyes] Idiot.

Zim: [Comes into the cafeteria and plops into a chair] I'm so frustrated!

Gaz: Did you finally get dumped by your imaginary girlfriend?

Zim: No...Well yes, but this is a different problem.

Violet: Okay, so what's your problem?

Zim: I got an assignment to write a blog!

Violet: Not seeing the problem...

Zim: I don't know what to write about, do you guys have any ideas?

Gaz: Look! It's that guy over there!

Taylor: Hey guy!

Dib: Yeah! Wait up guy!

Lia: Don't leave guy!

Everyone leaves the table except Violet, Zim, and Gaz.

Gaz: [Gets up] There is no guy. [Walks off]

Zim: Violet? Do you have any ideas?

Violet: How about the student's lives?

Zim: That could work.

The Next Day in the Computer Lab[]

Zim walked in dragging Phlek with him.

Phlek: Why are you dragging me here?

Zim: I need you to watch this interview with Jake that I did!

Phlek: [Groans] Seriously?

Zim: Yes seriously! Now watch!

[On Screen]

Zim: [Off screen] Soooo....Your name is?

Jake: Jacob Johnson jr., but you can call me Jake!

Zim: Johnson, eh? Any chance your related to that hot chick Violet Johnson?

Jake: She's my sister.

Zim: Okay, is there any chance that Violet will ever like me?

Jake: Nope.

Zim: Are you sure?

Jake: Yep. She's in love with that big headed kid, Gib, or something like that.....

Dib: [Off screen] My head's not big! And my name is Dib! Not Gib!

[In the Real World]

Phlek: Hey, check it out, in the background Violet's squeezing a pimple!

Zim: That's mean Phlek.

Phlek: I get it from my girlfriend, she rubbed it off onto me.

Zim: Plus you're supposed to be watching Jake.

Phlek:: But Violet squeezing her pimple is funnier! Post it! Post it!

Zim: Ugh, fine, if you'll shut up! [Posts the Video]

The Next Day in the Skool Corridors[]

Zim was walking through skool, and people were acknowledging him.

Tork: Funny blog

Poonchy: Cool stuff on the 'net

Zita: You're hot.

Zim: Really? You guys liked my pimple post?

Tork: Yeah!

Poonchy: Affirmitive!

Zita: You're hot.

Phlek: See?

Zim: It was a hit!

Violet: [Enraged] ZIM!

Phlek: You're about to get hit!

Violet: [Stomps over] ZIM!

Zim: [Nervously] Hey Violet! How's it goin'? You look, hot, and angry, and hot today! Did I mention you look hot today?

Phlek: Hey Vi, still see you're rocking that chin zit.

Violet: [Holds up fist]

Phlek: You hit me, I'll sue!

Violet: Zim, I said what's going on in students personal lives, NOT what grows on MY FACE!

Zim: Sorry Violet, I won't do it again.

Three Hours Later in the Auditorium, with the Gang[]

Zim: [In a video on the computer] Zimarazzi! Your only source into the lives of the Skool students! Zimarazzi! Starring Zim Zillinski! Is Violet's pimple shrinking or GROWING? Does Taylor have a mustard problem? Is it splitsville for Dib and Violet?

Violet: What? Me and Dib aren't splitting up!

Dib: Well....

Violet: [raises eyebrow at Dib]

Dib: Kidding!

Gaz: I'm gonna teach that creep a lesson!

Violet: We all are! Are you coming Lia?

Lia: Oh my glob! A litterbox that plays classical music!

The gang leaves without Lia.

In the 'Zimarrazzi' Studio[]

Dude: Hey, we have a new clip of Lia recieving another order from useless crap!

Zim: Really?

Dude: Yeah [Plays the clip on the TV]

Lia: [On screen] Wait there's supposed to be two packages! [Notice the papparazzi] Who are you with?

Dude: Zimarazzi.

Lia: Grrrrarrrgh! [Stomps off]

Zim: [In the real world] I'm saying this now, that that's probably not her real hair color!

Dude: Funny stuff Zim!

The gang bursts in.

Violet: Quit reporting our personal lives!

Zim: No!

Dib: [Grabs Violet] It was worth a try.

The gang leaves.

At Violet's House[]

Violet was on her computer, when she got a phone call.

Violet: [Answers phone] Who are you, and why isn't your nuber blocked? Gaz? What? How is that my fault? I'll check it out! [Hangs up, and clicks on the video]

Zim: [On screen] Zimarazzi! Starring Zim Zillinski!

Zim: Wait, you got what?

Dude: Phlek and Gaz in the front seat of Phlek's car and, you gotta see this!

Phlek: [On the TV screen] C'mon, this will be fun!

Gaz: [Also on the TV screen] No, I didn't shower this morning, and I had tuna fish for lunch!

Phlek: Wait...Why is there a guy in the back seat?

Gaz: There is a guy in the back seat! Get out of this car! Go! Shoo!

Violet: [In real world, rolls eyes]

Mariah (Violet's mom): Why the long face?

Violet: It's this guy, Zim.

Mariah: Green skin, man-dress, creepy stalker crush?

Violet: Yeah, he keeps posting personal videos of me and my friends, and we're annoyed.

Mariah: Get revenge.

Violet: What?

Mariah: Revenge. He deserves it.

Violet: Okay.

The Next Day in the Skool Corridors....Again....[]

Violet: Where are they?

Gaz: It takes time to get here from the locker room!

Violet: They're coming!

Dib: [Runs in with Taylor] We got his clothes!

Zim: [Runs in, in only a towel] Give me my clothes back!

Violet: No!

Zim: Are you filming this?

Gaz: Yes, dance for us Zimmy!

Zim: Why?

Violet: Cause you keep reporting our personal lives!

Zim: Yes, cause it's funny!

Violet: Well, we won't put this on the internet if you cancel Zimarazzi!

Zim: Never!

Violet: Then I'll just zoom in here and--

Zim: Fine! I'll cancel it!

Violet: Thank you!

Dib: Yeah! [Pulls Violet into a victory kiss]

Zim: [Looks annoyed] Hmmph!

Stay tuned for the next episode! Miya Parker 23:56, May 16, 2012 (UTC)