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Stranded Of Doom
Season 6, Episode 14
Air date 06/17/21
Written by LyokoWarrior12
Directed by Shroob12
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One day Zim and Dib were fighting as usual and everyone was annoyed by them.

Mrs Bitters soon saw them fighting and she stopped them from fighting.

ALRIGHT ENOUGH screamed Mrs Bitters!!!


Well Zim is an alien a goddamn alien we must stop him from taking over the earth said Dib.


NOW GO screamed Mrs Bitters!!!!!!!!!!

Later that day at the office Zim and Dib were given detentions and they soon walked home.

Great Zim this is your fault now we both are in trouble and as a punishment we have to travel to an island that's far away from here said Dib.

Shut up you stupid human fool Dib it's your fault for trying to expose me since day 1 said Zim.

Well anyways Zim get your ship and lets go to this island that we are supposed to go to as punishment said Dib.

Fine then said Zim.

Soon Zim and Dib arrived at the base and Zim was getting his ship ready to go.

Computer is the ship ready to go asked Zim?

Yes sir it is said the computer.

Good now lets go said Dib.

Soon they flew off to the island.

Soon Zim and Dib were almost at the island as they were flying there.

Woah I have never seen this island before said Dib.

Me either computer check out some info about this island said Zim.

Yes sir said the computer as he began to scan.

As the computer was scanning when all of a sudden the ship starts to run of gas and begins to fall crashing into the island.

AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! screamed both Zim and Dib.

Soon the ship crashed onto the island and it was damaged.

Great just great now were stuck here said Dib.

This is your fault Dib fool if you didn't try to expose me again and didn't get us into trouble we wouldn't had come here said Zim.

It's your fault for coming here all those years ago said Dib.

Well now you and your ship got us into this mess now you gotta get us out of here said Dib.

FINE THEN screamed Zim!!!

Soon Zim and Dib decided not talk to each other until they figured out that the only way they can get off the island is to work together.

Dib soon looked at Zim and walked towards him.

Look Zim the only way we can get off this island and get back home is to work together said Dib.

Why would I work with you asked Zim?

Because you are right said Dib.

I'm right about what asked Zim?

About me exposing people as aliens I have been doing that since I was a kid said Dib.

I kinda figured that you did that said Zim.

All other kids say that you have done that for years and years said Zim.

Well I just wanna say this Zim but I think you are cool said Dib.

Wait what did you say asked Zim?

I said I think your a cool alien said Dib.

Really asked Zim?

Dib shock his head up and down.

Well your the only human that I would help out with any problems in the future said Zim.

Well same here said Dib.

Zim and Dib looked at each other and they knew that they were friends but enemy's at the same time.

Well anyways lets get your ship fixed so we can get out of here said Dib.

Soon the two worked on Zim's ship and it was hours before the sun came up it was the next morning.

Soon they were done and ready to go.

Ok Zim It's time to go said Dib.

Yea let's go but when were back home we don't tell anyone about what we did got it fool said Zim.

Yes agreed not a word to anyone said Dib as he smiled back.

Soon they flew away from the island and headed back home Zim dropped Dib off at his house and Zim landed back at the base where Crystal and Naggot were waiting for him.

So Zim are you alright we were waiting for you for hours where were you asked Crystal?

Well I had to do something with Dib and it was very important said Zim as the episode faded to black

The End

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