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Play It Again Zim
Season 7, Episode 5
Air date 4/30/22
Written by LyokoWarrior12
Directed by Shroob12
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The episode starts off at Zim's house where Zim was working and Crystal was working with him until Dib was watching them again.

Ok Crystal looks like Dib is doing this again said Zim.

Soon they grabbed Dib down with the help of the computer and they were annoyed with Dib spying and exposing them.

Look Dib we are getting tired by you watching us all the time can't you do anything else asked Crystal?

Well maybe how about we three all go to Massachusetts for the weekend as you guys can watch me get my award.

What award asked Zim?

Well I am getting an award for all those times I had tried to expose you guys and other stuff said Dib.

I guess we can do that I mean we haven't planned anything recently to destroy this planet so let's go said Zim.

Soon the three arrived in Massachusetts and they started walking around looking for their hotel to stay at.

Soon Zim Crystal and Dib arrived at the hotel and they started unpack their stuff.

So guys come on let's go watch me get my award said Dib.

Soon Zim Crystal and Dib arrived and they started to watch Dib get his award.

Dib smiled at everyone and thanked them for the clapping.

Thank you everyone for coming tonight as I am here to get my award for all the things I have done for you all over the years and mostly attempting to exposing aliens which you all think I am crazy for that said Dib.

Zim and Crystal were watching as Dib giving his speech and Zim wasn't impressed with it but Crystal was.

Zim was shocked and was now mad at Dib because Crystal was liking Dib's words.

Dib you fool you make foolish words said Zim.

Dib and everyone else was watching Zim as he was getting mad at Dib for he thinks Dib is stealing Crystal from him.


They soon started to fight each other in front of the people as they were watching leaving Crystal watching.

Ok guys will you both stop it said Crystal.

The episode soon ends fading to black.

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  • This is another episode where Zim and Crystal don't attempt to destroy the earth.