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Keef Once Removed Is The Eleventh Episode Of Invader Zim X..

Invader Zim X Episode 11 Keef Once Removed
Season 1, Episode 11
Air date 11/25/17
Written by LyokoWarrior12
Directed by LyokoWarrior12
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One day at Skool, Zim dumps the blue liquid onto Dib that makes someone explode if they're happy. However, Dib is quick to point out the obvious hole in Zim's logic he is never happy, especially while Zim is around.

When Zim leaves Dib, Keef suddenly approaches Dib, and expresses a desire to get Dib and Zim to make up assuming the two enemies are best friends).

Dib refutes this assumption, but then, this gives him an idea, and claims he is friends with Zim. Dib tells Keef to put a Brain Rotter machine on Zim's head, but Keef attaches the machine on Zim's backside instead. Discovering the device, Zim quickly attaches the machine on Dib's head.

Later that day, Dib finds Keef sitting on the couch and watching TV with Gaz and Professor Membrane at their house. He promptly kicks him out, but quickly returns, decorating Dib's room with ridiculously happy stuff such as smiley faces and Valentine hearts.

Keef spends the next few days alternately irritating Zim and Dib with his misguided attempts to make the two "friends" reconcile. The following day, Zim and Dib hatch a plan to get rid of their mutual nuisance, and the two agree to meet Keef at a MacMeaties in the city, pour Zim's emotional explosion solution on Keef, and make him explode with happiness by pretending to be his friends.

Oddly enough, this proves unusually difficult to achieve, for it appears the solution only works if the subject it has been applied to or is extremely happy. Zim and Dib found out that Keef will explode when someone is happy and they decided to hug to hug each other out but in order only to make Keef die forever and to make sure that he doesn't live around anymore.

Finally Zim and Dib are forced to hug each other in order to make Keef explode but reform seconds later, before fainting from the whole ordeal afterwards while walking home Dib reveals that he taped Zim saying that he's an alien, but Zim reminds Dib that the video also shows them hugging, so Dib destroys it and the two of them moved on and went back to their usually things as the episode ends.

Note: This Will Be The Final Appearance Of Keef As He Was Killed And Won't Be Seen In Future Episodes.

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