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This is Jade!

Jade West is Zim's sister. She is also known as Irken Invader Jade.


Born in 1492 to parents Cheesy Dinkleberg and Christopher Purple, she has always been a mischevious girl.

Relationship with Beck:[]

Jade is always paired up with Beck.

Relationship with Dib[]

Has been shown to take a liking to Dib, always calling him her 'little Dibbykins'


She has a SIR unit named CAT, and a mini tiger named Chartreuse.

Rivalry with Violet.[]

Her enemy is Violet, because to Jade Violet is a 'Stinky smell face who smells like hyooman'

Dib immediately replied 'Give up Jade! Violet is the sweetest thing ever!'

Sibling with zim.[]

Jade is Zim's Twin sister, because they are identical when in Irken form. You know other than the fact the Jade just looks like Zim in drag...


When Jade is in her human disguise, she has black hair with grey, green, and blue highlights. She has blue-green eyes, and wears a black tanktop, black and charcoal plaidskirt, grey tights, black boots, a black jean jacket, and black fingerless gloves.