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It's An Invader Zim X Christmas Is The Twelfth Episode Of The Series Invader Zim X

It's An Invader Zim X Christmas
Season 1, Episode 12
Air date 12/9/17
Written by LyokoWarrior12
Directed by LyokoWarrior12
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One winter day it was Christmas Eve at Dib's house and he was still under-cover to see what Zim was doing and what was he up to this time. This time Zim was going to destroy Christmas again this year like he did last time by pretending to be Santa. Zim was planning on destroying Christmas with the use of a machine big cannon that would deliver presents to everyone but when people open them up they are going to die and get destroyed forever.

Gir with this machine I would give people presents and when they do open it they will be destroyed forever and they will die laughed Zim in a evil way. I like people dying said Gir. Zim's gonna destory us I must stop him once again said Dib who ran off. Dib soon found out and he knew he had to stop Zim if he didn't stop Zim then he would win and destroy earth once and for all.

Zim on the other hand he was still working on his weapon and it was going so well Dib soon showed up at Zim's house and he knew he had to stop him so they started to fight each other while the machine was working. the machine was getting close to sending gifts to everyone to kill them for when they open the gifts. Zim knew that the last two Christmas's his plans had failed because of the fact that Dib was always in his way and ruining his plans and Zim couldn't even do anything with Dib around him.

Zim and Dib were still fighting while the Christmas machine was still going on, Soon the machine was almost done making the presents for everyone. Soon Dib stopped the machine and he destroyed the machine and Zim screamed in defeat as Dib laughed while walking away back to his house Dib knew he had saved everyone including his Christmas. Meanwhile later that evening back at his house base Zim contacted The Tallest and told them that his plan has failed but he will succeed in the near by future Zim gets off contact and The Tallest look at each other while their TV show was playing and everyone was having their Christmas as the episode fads to black.

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