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Invader Zim X
Season 7 Seasons, Episode 98 Episodes
Air date November 10th 2016
Written by LyokoWarrior12 (Season's 1-5)

Shroob12 (Season 6-7)

Directed by LyokoWarrior12 (Season's 1-5)

Shroob12 (Season's 6-7)

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Invader Zim X is a Fan-made TV show of the original series Invader Zim, and follows the original series since the show was canceled but is coming back because of popular demand this is a alternate to the Invader Zim story and the first TV show of Invader Zim to go with the original timeline of the original series (because it takes place years after the show was last aired) This series will continue off where Invader Zim was canceled in 2006. All of these episodes were all written by LyokoWarrior12 and Shroob12. the series was made and released on Fanfiction Wiki. Season One starting on November 10th 2016 and after a one year gap and with Invader Zim coming back to TV LyokoWarrior12 along with Shroob12 decided to continue Invader Zim X so far there are 98 episodes, twenty episodes each for the first two seasons, fourteen for the third, fifteen for the fourth thirteen for the fifth and sixth seasons fifteen for the seventh the prequel a Christmas special and a movie added.

Prequel (2018)[]

N/A How Did Zim Get Accepted Into The Irken Race Part 1 December 21st 2018
N/A How Did Zim Get Accepted Into The Irken Race Part 2 December 21st 2018

Season One: Episode's 01-20 (2016-2017)[]

01 The Nightmare Begins Again
02 The Most Horrible Thanksgiving Ever
03 The Return Of Tak
04 Christmas Of Doom
05-06 Dib And The Resisty Vs Zim And The Irkens
07 Zim's Roboparents Gone Crazy
08 Ten Minutes To Death
09-10 Invader Tak
11 Keef Once Removed
12 It's An Invader Zim X Christmas
13 False Start
14 Zim Flunks At Saving His Race
15 New Order
16 Exploration Of Doom
17-18 Massive Invasion
19 Simon Says Death
20 The Attack Of The Pants

Season Two: Episode's 21-40 (2017-2018)[]

21 The Most Horrible Xmas Ever II
22-23 Zim And The Trail
24 Valentines Day Of Doom
25 Dib Goes To College
26 Invader Zim Vs Invader Zorko Final Round
27 Straight To The Heart Of Doom
28-29 Resistance Of The Law
30 Zim Finally An Invader ?????
31 Grounded Of Doom
32 Zim Goes Back To Trial Part 1
33 Home Again Zim Part 2
34 Zim's New Robot Assistant
35-36 Zim and Cuphead
37 Zim Taster Of Vegetables
38 The New Transfer Student
39 Invader Danger
40 War Of The Worlds

Season Three: Episode's 41-54 (2018)[]

41 Backseat Driver From Beyond Space
42 Zim Eats Waffles Again
43 Ghost Channel
44 Amnesia
45 Laughing Fit
46 Gir's Big Day
47 Invader Dib
48 Marabounta
49 The New Zim
50 The Return Of The Planet Jackers
51 Attack Of The Zombies
52 Dib The Hero
53 Gaz Loves Henry Hart
54 Gaz's New Boyfriend

Season Four: Episode's 55-69 (2018-2019)[]

55 The Return Of Zim
56 Dib's Last Chance
57 False Lead
58 Zim & The Jews
59 Enter The Florpus
60 Revenge
61 The Return Of Emperor Naggot
62 Operation Impending Doom II: Attack Of The Massive
63 The Tallest And Tak Vs Zim And Emperor Naggot
64 Rematch
65 Zim's Last Stand
66 The Return Of Crystal
67 Zim's Depression
68 Crystal Once Removed
69 Invader Zim X Throughout The Years

Invader Zim X Movie: The Ultimate Showdown (2019)[]

Invader Zim X Movie The Ultimate Showdown March 31st 2019

Season Five: Episode's 70-82 (2019-2020)[]

70 Emperor Naggot The New Ruler Part 1
71 Emperor Naggot The New Ruler Part 2
72 The New Irken Battleship
73 Droid Factory
74 Emperor Naggot's New Base
75 Dib And The Tallest Vs Zim And Emperor Naggot
76 Double Trouble
77 Zim Times Three
78 The New Dib
79 The Return Of The Resisty Part 1
80 The Return Of The Resisty Part 2
81 Massacre
82 Ultimate Mission

Season Six: Episode 83-95 (2020-2021)[]

83 Disney Dorks
84 One Of Us
85 My Big Wedding Of Doom
86 Grumpy Young Man
87 Zim For President
88 The Return Of Zorko
89 The Junkman
90 Fowl Bull Of Doom
91 The Science Fair Affair
92 Stranded Of Doom
93 Dib Goes To College Again
94 The League Of Irkens Part 1
95 The League Of Irkens Part 2

Season Seven: Episode 96-110 (2021-2022)[]

96 Holly Jolly Zim
97 Zim Kart Double Dash Part 1
98 Zim Kart Double Dash Part 2
99 Valentines Day
100 Play It Again Zim
101 Zero Gravity Zone Of Doom
102 Crystal Faces Hard Tambien
103 Zim's House Has Two Empty Rooms
104 Zim Needs A New Media Room
105 Zim Test-Lies For Crystal
106 Five Nights At Zims 1
107 Five Nights At Zims 2
108 Old Enemy's Not Forgetting
109 The Irken Apprentice
110 Victory And Death