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Invader Zim X
Season 7 Seasons, Episode 99 Episodes
Air date November 10th 2016 - Present
Written by LyokoWarrior12 (Season's 1-5)

Shroob12 (Season 6-7)

Directed by LyokoWarrior12 (Season's 1-5)

Shroob12 (Season 6-7)

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Invader Zim X is a Fan-made TV show of the original series Invader Zim, and follows the original series since the show was canceled but is coming back because of popular demand this is a alternate to the Invader Zim story and the first TV show of Invader Zim to go with the original timeline of the original series (because it takes place years after the show was last aired) This series will continue off where Invader Zim was canceled in 2006. All of these episodes were all written by LyokoWarrior12 and Shroob12. the series was made and released on Fanfiction Wiki. Season One starting on November 10th 2016 and after a one year gap and with Invader Zim coming back to TV LyokoWarrior12 along with Shroob12 decided to continue Invader Zim X so far there are 99 episodes, twenty episodes each for the first two seasons, fourteen for the third, fifteen for the fourth, thirteen for the fifth seventeen for the sixth, sixteen for seventh, the prequel, a Christmas special, and the movie added.

Prequel (2018)[]

  • If someone had this two-part prequel added to the first season, it would have consisted of 22 episodes rather then 20.
  • Chronologically, This is the first appearance of Emperor Naggot.
  • Chronologically this is also the first episode of the show.
N/A How Did Zim Get Accepted Into The Irken Race Part 1 December 21st 2018
N/A How Did Zim Get Accepted Into The Irken Race Part 2 December 21st 2018

Season 1 (2016-2017)[]

  • The series premiere takes place a few weeks after the two-part prequel "How Did Zim Get Accepted Into The Irken Race Part 1".
  • This season also marks the return of Tak after the events in Tak The Hideous New Girl.
  • The Resisty also marks a special return as well.
  • Keef makes only one appearance in this season as he was killed for good and won't been seen or mentioned again.
  • This season had several episodes aired out of order.
  • The Tallest launch an Massive Invasion on earth.
01 The Nightmare Begins Again November 10th 2016
02 The Most Horrible Thanksgiving Ever November 10th 2016
03The Return Of Tak November 10th 2016
04Christmas Of Doom December 2nd 2016
05-06 Dib And The Resisty Vs Zim And The Irkens November 11th 2016
07Zim's Roboparents Gone Crazy November 25th 2016
08Ten Minutes To Death December 4th 2017
09-10 Invader Tak December 1st 2017
11Keef Once Removed November 24th 2017
12It's An Invader Zim X Christmas December 9th 2017
13 False Start December 8th 2017
14 Zim Flunks At Saving His Race December 9th 2017
15 New Order December 17th 2017
16 Exploration Of Doom December 17th 2017
17-18 Massive Invasion December 14th 2017
19 Simon Says Death December 19th 2017
20 The Attack Of The Pants December 22nd 2017

Season 2 (2017-2018)[]

  • This season marks the last season that Shroob12 has worked on for the series.
  • This was the first season to have crossover episodes.
  • There is a war battle between the earth armies lead by Dib and the Irken Empire in space in a two part 2 episode.
  • The Resisty mark their second and last appearance until Season 5.
  • The episode Invader Danger is not only a episode for Invader Zim X but it also serves as a backdoor pilot for Shroob12's spin off series Henry Danger: Master of Spinjistu.
  • This season was the original series finale before the show's renewal.
21 The Most Horrible Xmas Ever II December 22nd 2017
22-23 Zim And The Trail December 22nd 2017
24 Valentines Day Of Doom January 1st 2018
25 Dib Goes To College January 1st 2018
26Invader Zim Vs Invader Zorko Final Round January 2nd 2018
27Straight To The Heart Of Doom January 4th 2018
28-29 Resistance Of The Law January 4th 2018
30 Zim Finally An Invader ????? January 5th 2018
31 Grounded Of Doom January 6th 2018
32 Zim Goes Back To Trial Part 1 January 7th 2018
33 Home Again Zim Part 2 January 8th 2018
34 Zim's New Robot Assistant January 8th 2018
35-36 Zim and Cuphead January 9th 2018
37 Zim Taster Of Vegetables January 12th 2018
38 The New Transfer Student January 12th 2018
39 Invader Danger January 19th 2018
40 War Of The Worlds January 19th 2018

Season 3 (2018)[]

  • This was the first season not made by Shroob12. It was made by LyokoWarrior12, prior to Shroob12 leaving the series for his own Fanfiction series's.
  • This was the shortest season produced.
  • This season also marks Henry Harts second and last appearance to date.
41 Backseat Driver From Beyond Space January 26th 2018
42 Zim Eats Waffles Again February 4th 2018
43 Ghost Channel February 9th 2018
44 Amnesia February 11th 2018
45 Laughing Fit February 18th 2018
46 Gir's Big Day March 1st 2018
47 Invader Dib March 8th 2018
48 Marabounta March 13th 2018
49 The New Zim October 12th 2018
50 The Return Of The Planet Jackers November 12th 2018
51 Attack Of The Zombies November 18th 2018
52 Dib The Hero December 6th 2018
53 Gaz Loves Henry Hart December 12th 2018
54 Gaz's New Boyfriend December 15th 2018
The Long And Doomed Winter December 21st 2018

Season 4 (2018-2019)[]

  • The first five episodes of this season take place before the movie Enter The Florpus, and the rest of the episodes in this season is set after the movie.
  • The Tallest go against Zim and Emperor Naggot.
  • This marks the end of the Irken Empire before the show was renewed for a fifth season.
  • On August 11th, 2020, the episode "Zim & The Jews" was removed from circulation and banned after the release of the episode's plot where Zim plans to kill humans that are Jews which became very controversial, writer creator LyokoWarrior12 and producer writer Shroob12 remarked on the censorship of this episode and this entire series that they made towards the censorship. "We have a lot of fond memories of working on this series and the plot for this episode do not permit said memories to remain. We are against book burning of any kind. But this is our book, and we are allowed to take out a chapter."
  • The last episode Invader Zim X Throughout The Years is just about LyokoWarrior12 telling how Shroob12 became a great help to this series and he also explains about how Invader Zim X became a series in the first place.
  • Crystal makes a special return to help Zim destroy the Irken Empire.
  • Season 4 has more plot development this season is actually both a prequel and sequel to the Invader Zim Movie Enter The Florpus episode's 1-5 take place prior to the events of the movie Enter The Florpus while episodes 6-14 take place partially after.
55 The Return Of Zim December 21st 2018
56 Dib's Last Chance December 24th 2018
57 False Lead December 26th 2018
58 Zim & The Jews January 1st 2019
59 Enter The Florpus January 6th 2019
60 Revenge February 13th 2019
61 The Return Of Emperor Naggot February 14th 2019
62 Operation Impending Doom II: Attack Of The Massive March 1st 2019
63 The Tallest And Tak Vs Zim And Emperor Naggot March 16th 2019
64 Rematch March 21st 2019
65 Zim's Last Stand March 22nd 2019
66 The Return Of Crystal March 25th 2019
67 Zim's Depression March 25th 2019
68 Crystal Once Removed March 28th 2019
69 Invader Zim X Throughout The Years March 28th 2019

Invader Zim X Movie: The Ultimate Showdown (2019)[]

Invader Zim X Movie The Ultimate Showdown March 31st 2019

Season 5 (2019-2020)[]

  • Emperor Naggot returns in the season premiere.
  • This season was originally gonna have 25 episodes and this would've been the longest season ever but only 13 episodes managed to make it due to the cancellation.
  • The Tallest and Dib work together on ending Zim and Naggot.
  • The Resisty mark their last appearance in the season for good.
  • Battle Droids are introduced in this season.
  • Emperor Naggot has a new base.
  • The Tallest and Dib must destroy Zim and Emperor Naggot.
  • This season ends on a cliffhanger getting us into the sixth season.
  • This is the last season that LyokoWarrior12 became a writer and directer for the series as for the next season Shroob12 becomes the new head directer for the series.
70 Emperor Naggot The New Ruler Part 1 June 20th 2019
71 Emperor Naggot The New Ruler Part 2 June 20th 2019
72 The New Irken Battleship August 21st 2019
73 Droid Factory August 29th 2019
74 Emperor Naggot's New Base October 15th 2019
75 Dib And The Tallest Vs Zim And Emperor Naggot November 11th 2019
76 Double Trouble January 1st 2020
77 Zim Times Three January 5th 2020
78 The New Dib January 13th 2020
79 The Return Of The Resisty Part 1 January 23rd 2020
80 The Return Of The Resisty Part 2 Janaury 27th 2020
81 Massacre January 30th 2020
82 Ultimate Mission February 1st 2020

Season 6 (2020-2021)[]

  • This is the first season since season 2 to have Shroob12 be a writer for the series but this time he is not only a writer for this season but he is also head director for this and the next season which is also the last season but LyokoWarrior12 will still help out with writing the episodes for the episodes.
  • This season was originally supposed to have 22 episodes but due to the show being canceled in the middle of Season 5 and Shroob12 wanting to leave the franchise Season's 5 6 7 & 8 were cut down and Season's 5-7 managed to make it to only having 13 to 17 episodes.
  • Zim and Crystal get married.
  • Crystal makes a special return shocking Zim and everyone else.
  • So far in two episodes Zim and Dib work together and those are the only times they work together.
  • Invader Zorko makes his return after the events of the episode Invader Zim Vs Invader Zorko Final Round as originally he was thought to be dead back in season 2 but it was not a confirm death.
  • Invader Zorko will die for good this time in this season.
  • The Tallest and the Irkens mark revenge on Zim and Emperor Naggot following Season 5's cliffhanger episode.
  • Emperor Naggot dies for good as he is killed by The Tallest and The Irkens.
83 Disney Dorks February 19th 2020
84 One Of Us April 30th 2021
85 A Death On Utapau May 1st 2021
86 In Search Of The Crystal May 2nd 2021
87 Crystal Crisis May 3rd 2021
88 The Big Bang Of Doom May 4th 2021
89 My Big Wedding Of Doom May 5th 2021
90 Grumpy Young Man May 20th 2021
91 Zim For President May 21st 2021
92 The Return Of Zorko May 28th 2021
93 The Junkman May 30th 2021
94 Fowl Bull Of Doom June 7th 2021
95 The Science Fair Affair June 10th 2021
96 Stranded Of Doom June 17th 2021
97 Dib Goes To College Again June 17th 2021
98 The League Of Irkens Part 1 June 18th 2021
99 The League Of Irkens Part 2 June 21st 2021

Season 7 (2021-2022)[]

  • This is the final season of the series originally there were gonna be 8 seasons of the franchise but due to the show being canceled this is now the final season.
  • This season was supposed to have more episodes that were left to be told as a result.
  • The final four episodes in this season make up the last story arc that was meant to air as the Season 8 finale.
    • Additionally the last four episodes that were originally attend to air for Season 8 those four episodes give the last story arc called The Siege Of Doom arc.
  • The finale episode will be about Zim and Crystal leaving earth and heading to another planet.
  • This is the first season not to feature Emperor Naggot as he was killed in the season 6's finale while trying to stop the Tallest and the Irkens.
  • Tak will return in the final four episodes to mark her revenge on Crystal and Zim for them killing The Tallest and destroying the Irken Empire in the season 6 finale.
  • This is also the first season of the series where The Tallest nor the Irken Empire will not make any features due to them being killed.
  • This is the first season where Zim and Crystal would have to take over earth by themselves without Emperor Naggot's help.
  • This season will start off with a Christmas special.
  • This season will have 2 holiday specials.
  • The episode Crystal Faces Hard Tambien will feature Dib one last time but only in flashbacks as he already went to college and is living there following season 6's episode Dib Goes To College Again.
  • There will be another episode arc featuring Zim working at a pizza place and it will be exactly how you saw in Five Night's At Freddy's 1&2.
  • The four episodes in this season will have a story arc that will revolve around Crystal being arrested and going to jail and having a trial following a big crime she commented in the past and to see if she will spend the rest of her life in prison or not.
  • There will be a two episode arc about Zim and Crystal being in a race similar to Mario Kart Double Dash.
100 Holly Jolly Zim December 1st 2021
101 Zim Kart Double Dash Part 1 December 10th 2021
102 Zim Kart Double Dash Part 2 December 12th 2021
103 Valentines Day February 12th 2022
104 Play It Again Zim April 30th 2022
105 Zero Gravity Zone Of Doom May 30th 2022
106 Crystal Faces Hard Tambien
107 Zim's House Has Two Empty Rooms
108 Zim Needs A New Media Room
109 Zim Test-Lies For Crystal
110 Five Nights At Zims 1
111 Five Nights At Zims 2
112 Old Enemy's Not Forgotten
113 The Irken Apprentice
114 Shattered Of Doom
115 Victory And Death

The Invader Zim X Legacy[]

At the time of the cancellation in March 2019, more episodes and story arcs were in development. thirteen of these episodes were finished to become part of Season 5, but there were still additional episodes and story arcs that were never released. In 2020, both LyokoWarrior12 and Shroob12 released and gave details of these story arcs from the unfinished and unreleased episodes even through these other arcs and episodes weren't released they are still considered to be canon as both LyokoWarrior12 and Shroob12 treat these unreleased episodes as canon.

Crown Prince Asf Primeus: Son Of Naggot This four-episode arc continues the story of Invader Zim X following the events from the Season 6 finale episode "The League Of Irkens Part 2", The four episodes were titled: "The Enemy of My Enemy", "A Tale of Two Tallest's", "Irken War", and "Showdown of Doom"

The plot follows Zim who is still depressed about the lost of Emperor Naggot, Zim regains control of Naggot's Empire alongside Crown Prince Asf Primeus who is the son of Emperor Naggot, who then both join forces and battle The Tallest for revenge The Tallest would've died for good. This arc would've been the premiere for Season 7.

Dark Disciple Of Doom An eight-episode arc with Irken aliens Zim and Crystal The eight episodes were titled: "Disney Attacks", "The Mission", "Conspirators", "Dark Disciple Of Doom", "Saving Crystal, Part I", "Saving Crystal, Part II", "Traitor Of Doom", and "The Path Of Doom"

The plot would follow with Zim and Crystal as they must work to stop The Walt Disney Company after they try to take over their company and their world at the same time this would've been part of Season 7.

Crystal Crisis Of Doom In September 2019, four unfinished episodes were finished and titled: "A Death on Utapau," "In Search of the Crystal," "Crystal Crisis,” and "The Big Bang Of Doom". Both LyokoWarrior12 & Shroob12 had finished the arc and they announced that they would release it on Invader Zim Fanfiction Wiki but cannot promise anything.

The arc takes place on Utapau with Zim and Emperor Naggot investigating an arms deal involving the Separatists the Irken Empire and a Kyber Crystal The arc also deals with Zim's feelings after Crystal's death in Season 4, this arc was added in Season 6 as it takes place before the events of Crystal's Walkabout arc.

Return Of Cuphead This two-episode arc would've had Cuphead returning following his first appearance in the Season 2 crossover episode Zim and Cuphead this would've been in Season 8.
Five Nights At Zims 3 This episode would've had Zim being a night guard for a carnival and defending himself from the Animatronics similar to Five Night's At Freddy's 3 this would've been part of Season 6.
Five Nights At Zims 4 This episode would've had Zim dreaming as a child and avoiding the Nightmare Animatronics similar to Five Night's At Freddy's 4 this would've been part of Season 7.
Henry Danger And Invader Zim Top Gun Both LyokoWarrior12 & Shroob12 wrote the script for a four-episode arc starring Zim and Henry Hart. This story showed the ground forces of the Irkens getting into an argument including Zim. This arc featured Henry and Zim, where Henry flew a ship with Zim as his copilot. They would crash and be stranded together on the moon, where most of the episodes would take place. Henry and Zim both reprogrammed a B2-series super battle droid that they would grow attached to, and at some point Henry was injured. LyokoWarrior12 commented that the arc started out light and fun but then went to "some very unexpected and dark places, this would've been part of Season 8.
Return To Foodcourtia This four-episode arc would've featured Zim being captured by Tak who returns for revenge again and takes Zim to Foodcourtia so he can return to being a frycook for the next 20 years leading to both Emperor Naggot and Dib to work together and saving Zim and bring him back home, this would've been part of Season 5.
Crystal's Walkabout This four-episode arc was too follow Crystal following her fake death in the Season 4 episode Crystal Once Removed This arc was to show some of her first adventures in the underworld where she met a scoundrel named Nyx Okami, whom she developed a close friendship with. Crystal's character was challenged when she got involved with the underworld and the Pyke Syndicate, but had to resist her teachings for her own safety, this would've been part of Season 6 as it takes place after the Crystal Crisis Of Doom arc and before the episode My Big Wedding Of Doom.
Bad Batch Irkens This four-episode arc was to feature four Irkens that were troopers who were looking for and attempting to kill Zim after destroying the Irken race and The Tallest but later they end up joining forces with Zim after realizing that The Tallest and The Irken Empire always started wars and betrayed their own kind, this would've been part of Season 8.
Bounty Hunter Of Doom This four-episode arc would've been focused on these group of Bounty Hunters who would help Zim on his mission of destroying the earth but failed once again thanks to Dib who would've returned, this would've been part of Season 8.
Return To The Factory This four-episode arc would've focused on Zim and Naggot returning to the Battle Droid factory and destroying it to put the droids out of their way so they can destroy the earth, this would've been part of Season 5.
The Siege This four-episode arc would've focused on Zim and Naggot having a siege attack against The Tallest and the Irken Empire and tries to destroy the Tallest but Zim and Naggot would fail, this would've been the ending of Season 5.
The Return Of Keef Once Again This three-episode arc would've focused on Keef who somehow survived his death and Zim and Dib are bothered by him again and they decide to shoot and kill him for good, this would've been part of Season 7.
The Marabounta Returns This two-episode arc would've focused on the Marabounta that was featured in the episode Marabounta returns and tries to destroy Zim's base and Zim would have to try to destroy it, this would've been part of Season 8.


It was also announced by both LyokoWarrior12 and Shroob12 that they would move this series to featuring all 7 seasons plus the prequel and the movie of Invader Zim X, so everyone can enjoy this series even more, the prequel has been released on on January 6th 2021.

Removed From Syndication[]

The season 4 episode "Zim & The Jews", which features Zim plotting to kill all earthing humans that are Jews, was pulled out of rotation in 2020 by LyokoWarrior12 and Shroob12 for controversial reasons, It will therefore be unavailable on the Storyfire website. However, the episode is still available on Invader Zim Fanfiction Wiki released on January 1st, 2019.