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In Search Of The Crystal
Season 6, Episode 4
Air date 05/02/2021
Written by LyokoWarrior12 &


Directed by Shroob12
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A Death On Utapau
Crystal Crisis

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Following the previous episode after the funeral of the minion and discovering the Crystal Zim and Naggot now needed to figure out what the deal is about with the Kyber Crystal.

Zim have you been able to figure out where the deal is at asked Naggot?

No not yet master but wait I managed to find it here I can hear talking said Zim.

Meanwhile on the Massive The Tallest were talking about the deal with the Separatists.

So Lord Dooku your saying is that this Kyber Crystal your looking for is on Utapau asked Tallest Red?

Yes Tallest Red I want you both to go there and bring it to me in one piece for my master's new battle station said Dooku.

Yes Lord Dooku but what if Zim and Naggot find it first asked Tallest Purple?

Then kill them both they must not get in our way said Dooku.

Yes my lord said The Tallest.

Anyways pilots set a course for Utapau and find our Crystal Zim and Naggot must not get their hands on it said Tallest Red.


Meanwhile back on Utapau Zim and Naggot heard the entire deal.

My lord did you hear that The Tallest were behind your minions death and they used the Crystal on him and now their on their way here to grab it said Zim.

Yes and now we must take back this Crystal before they can get their hands on it said Naggot.

Yes sir said Zim.

Soon Zim and Naggot took the Crystal and they soon left with the Crystal as they were walking back to the ship with it they started to talk.

Zim we need help from the rest of my minions said Naggot.

Yes my lord I'll contact Crystal maybe she can said Zim but stopped.

Zim said Naggot.

Forget about it she's gone said Zim sadly.

Zim do you want to talk about it asked Naggot?

What's there to talk about asked Zim?

Well I suppose nothing really said Naggot.

Soon that night Zim and Naggot were talking and Naggot wanted to confront Zim about Crystals death.

Zim you can't blame yourself for Crystals death said Naggot.

Well I have too it's my fault for getting back with her getting close to her while we were battling the Tallest during that time said Zim.

Well you didn't know that was gonna happen so stop blaming yourself said Naggot.

Well who else can I blame I mean if I weren't useless against the Tallest they wouldn't had killed her but they did and now shes dead said Zim.

Well I guess its understanding but don't worry we will destroy the Tallest soon and we will end the Irken race said Naggot.

Maybe you should rest now said Naggot.

I'm not tired I will stay awake and guard the Crystal said Zim.

Ok then said Naggot.

As he fell asleep Zim asked him this question.

How would you if I failed you asked Zim?

Well I would be very not happy with that but we both know that will never happen said Naggot.

Soon he fell asleep with Zim guarding the Crystal and thinking about Crystal and her death.

Zim was upset and thinking at the same time as he had to figure out how to kill the Tallest for Crystals death.

The next morning Naggot and Zim wake up only for them be attacked by some battle droids.

Master were attacked said Zim.

Naggot and Zim were shocked as they had to figure out how to get the Crystal away from the Droids.

They want this Crystal Zim we have to get out of here and head back to the ship said Emperor Naggot.

Soon Zim and Naggot took out the Droids and they left with the Crystal right away.

Meanwhile The Tallest along with the Massive finally arrived on Utapau and they were waiting for a report about the Crystal.

My Tallest Zim and Naggot are escaping with the Crystal and they took out the Droid forces down there said one of the pilots.

Send out fighters and other warriors to get that Crystal back from them Count Dooku needs this Crystal in one piece said Tallest Red.

FIGHTERS AND WARRIORS GO GET THE CRYSTAL NOW!!!!!!!!!!!! screamed Tallest Purple.

Soon the battle was on as the episode fads to black.

The End

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  • This episode does mention Crystal and it features Zim and Naggot talking about her death back in Season 4.
  • Zim foreshadows Emperor Naggots death by asking him "How would you like it if I had failed you" this is foreshadowing the episode The League Of Irkens Part 2.
  • This is the only time where The Tallest and some other fleet have one thing in common which is the Kyber Crystal.
  • This episode reveals that this entire arc takes place way before Crystal's Walkabout arc and The League Of Irkens arc.