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Grumpy Young Man
Season 6, Episode 8
Air date 05/20/21
Written by LyokoWarrior12
Directed by Shroob12
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One day at the DVD store Dib was looking at a famous Sonic The Hedgehog comic book that was for adults only and he wanted to get it badly.

Man this comic book is amazing and it's nice getting and looking at comic books and not worrying about finding out what Zim is up too said Dib.

Dib was gonna try to act like an adult to get the comic book.

Dib soon got his money and started to act like an adult to the store owner.

Well hello there kind sir today's a great day for this awesome comic book and I would love to get this please said Dib.

The store manger just laughed at Dib.

Hey kid how old are you asked the manger?

Um I am 10 years old but I have a mature body like an adult said Dib.

Hey kid you are too young for this comic book so go play with your toys or something and come back once your older said the manger.

Fine whatever I guess I can go somewhere where little kids go to said Dib as he walked away.

I gotta make myself much older to get that comic book said Dib.

Well there is one thing to do said Dib as he ran to the garage.

I will make myself older said Dib.

Target age 18 said Dib.

Soon Dib went through the portal and he was able to make himself older but he didn't feel older.

Dib computer I still feel the same what happened asked Dib?

Well it's gonna take some time for you to become 18 said Dib's computer.

Well for how long asked Dib?

About in the next 12 hours said Dib's computer.

Soon the next morning came and Dib woke up and he soon was walking to the mirror he saw himself as old man.


Dib walked to the garage and he told the computer what happened.

Computer something went wrong said Dib.

Well it looks like didn't do go well as you thought said the computer.

Well I'm looking up that I will keep aging until 6:03 this evening said Dib.

Well anyways computer work on how to turn me back into a kid while I go get that comic book from the store said Dib.

Later that day Dib was driving down to the comic book store to get that comic book.

There it is the comic book I will finally have it said Dib.

Soon he walks in and soon he finds the comic book and soon buys it.

Yes I finally have it now I can read this awesome comic book said Dib.

Dib was reading the comic book until he forgot about the time.

Wow how long was I here reading this for asked Dib?

About a couple of hours said the store manager.

Dib soon looked at the time after what he was told.

Oh my god I forgot 6:03 i'm gonna turn to dust said Dib.

Dib soon rushed back the garage where the computer was waiting for him.

Computer we need something in the next two minutes or I turn to dust said Dib.

Well how about this comic book you are holding said the computer.

Comic book THAT'S IT screamed Dib!!!

Computer quickly turn me back said Dib.

And soon the computer did turn Dib back to a kid.

That's awesome the fact that I used a comic book to change me back was great said Dib.

Now I can go back to doing what I do best now said Dib as the episode fads to black.

The End

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  • This is another episode where Zim is not seen nor featured.
  • This is the first episode in Season 6 where LyokoWarrior12 became a writer for the season while Shroob12 is still director.