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Dib Goes To College Again
Season 6, Episode 15
Air date 06/17/21
Written by LyokoWarrior12 &


Directed by Shroob12
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One day at Skool Dib was showing off this new invention to the kids and he was excited.

See this cool invention here it will make me see all aliens everywhere and anywhere in the world said Dib.

I have a question for you Dib WHO CARES screamed one kid!!!

Yea sit down Dib this stuff of yours is getting old said another classmate.

Dib just stood there and he was sad as the bell rang and everyone ran out of Skool and Dib soon walked home.

Maybe everyone is right maybe my whole thing about exposing aliens is getting old I mean I've been doing it to Zim for years and now it's old to everyone said Dib.

Maybe now it's time to do something new and move on said Dib.

Soon he walked home and soon the next morning at Skool Dib was called to the office.

Dib this is college professor you remember him he was at your house before asked the principle?

Yes I remember him said Dib.

Well now he wants you to go to College and live there forever said the principle.

Really asked Dib?

Yes indeed said the Professor.

I think you will do fine this time said the Professor.

That's a good idea maybe I can get myself away from here and stop trying to expose Zim and move on said Dib.

Well sir I am back in said Dib.

Great then said the Professor see you tomorrow Dib said the Professor.

Dib soon ran home and told his dad and Gaz about what happened today.

Dad Gaz you won't believe it but I am back in college again said Dib.

Again asked Gaz?

Yes again said Dib.

Well son I am very proud of you said the dad.

Thanks dad I will miss you guys said Dib.

Wait what said Gaz.

Yea I am leaving tomorrow morning and I'm packing my stuff said Dib.

Gaz and their dad were shocked.

Son you can't live there your just a kid said the dad.

Dad I know what I'm doing I am having a new life and not worrying about stopping Zim anymore said Dib.

Well Dib I just want to say to you is that I will miss you for once I said that said Gaz.

I will miss you guys too but I must move on now said Dib.

Soon Dib packed all his stuff and he soon left for college to make a new home and live there forever.

Soon at College Dib was all unpacked and he was excited because he was gonna have a new life and not deal with Zim anymore.

Good now with Zim out of the picture now I can move on and become a smart student as everyone wants me too and not be on about aliens said Dib.

Soon Dib looked at his photo of him and Zim from the previous episode when they were stranded at the island and finally became less hostile towards each other as the episode fads to black.

The End

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  • This is the second episode in Season 6 and the fifth time in the Invader Zim X series not to feature Zim.