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TheAwesomeGirl TheAwesomeGirl 20 April 2012

My JtHM Obsession

Recently I've been JtHM obsessed. Why? Not exactly sure.....I guess the fact that it's good may have to do with it. Anyways, it's spawned quite a few Fanfic ideas. But since this isn't the JtHM Fanfiction wiki, I have to post it on FFN.

Anyways....Miya is out!

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ZimFan ZimFan 31 March 2012

Im starting a fanfic! :D

Yeah, my Title says it all, im going to make a Making Fiends/ Invader Zim fanfic. Its gonna be like

Vendetta and Zim team up, and destroy Dib and Charlotte. It might be a 2 or 3 parter.

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TheAwesomeGirl TheAwesomeGirl 1 January 2012

The First Blog!

Hello, I am Princess, your supreme ruler, who will rule with fairness, and will give everyone a chance to prove their worthiness. So this is the first blog! Feel free to add your own blog, but it will never be as grand as mine!

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