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~~ANNOUNCEMENT! This is officially the LAST PART of Aliens And Fiends to be put up on this wiki! Both parts will be uploaded on Creativity Wiki, along with new parts.~~

Last Time on Aliens And Fiends:[]

Zim and Gir went to the town of Clamburg,

and Dib followed, along with, suprisingly, Gaz!

Mu Elementary, one of the episodes settings.

Gir and Charlotte quickly took a liking to each other,as they had a friendly interaction, before knowing anything about them.

Unlike Gir And Charlotte, Gaz and Vendetta quickly became enemies, with the last line of the story was Vendetta vowing to make a fiend to destroy Gaz.

Now, everyone knows what's gonna go down today!

This is: Gaz Vs Vendetta!

In Vendetta's house, Vendetta, Grudge, Charlotte:[]

Vendetta: I think this fiend will be very nice, it will destroy Gaz, and I won't have her up in my face anymore

--Flashback began--

Gaz: *right in front of Vendetta's face* And if you ever get 1 centimeter too close to me, you will face a beating.

Vendetta: You just spit in my face.

Gaz: Good! *runs away*

Vendetta: COWARD!

--Flashback ended--

Vendetta: Ahh, she will pay!

Charlotte: How much? 5 dollars, or 20 cents, or 15 dollars 10 cents?

Vendetta's house, another main setting in the episode.

Vendetta: Ahh! Charlotte, how'd you get in here?

Charlotte: I used your pretty rock you gave to me!

Vendetta: I THREW IT AT YOU!

Charlotte: You're soo nice! :D

Vendetta: Why don't you go away, and hang out with that gir dog?

Charlotte: I am gonna! Im gonna pet him, dance, and pet him!

Vendetta: ... You said pet him twice.

Charlotte: I know! Teehee! :D *leaves*

Vendetta: Well, tommorow at recess, i will make sure this fiend destroys Gaz.

The Next Day: Mu Elementary School: Gaz, Dib, Zim, Charlotte, Gir, Grudge, Vendetta, Marion, Mr. Milk:[]

Mr. Milk: well, today, I thought we'd do... math?

Vendetta: Ah perfect! *walks up to the front of the room* I have a equation! What is: Gaz+Gaz?

Zim: *raises hand* 2 gazes!

Vendetta: Wrong idiot boy!

Dib: *shouts* HES A ALIEN!

Vendetta: Also wrong, idiot boy!

Zim: see Dib? even she knows im not a alien!

Vendetta: you're both idiots, now be quiet!

Charlotte: *raises hand* 22 gazes?

Vendetta: I told you before, don't raise your hand unless you want a fiend to destroy you.

Charlotte: Aww, but i like answering your questions best friend!

Gir: *raises hand* Tacos!

Vendetta: Youre a idiot gir!

Gir: Taquitos!


Marion: *weakly raises hand* uh.... gaz?

Vendetta: WRONG! Anyone else? huh? Well I'll give the answer. Stupidity! shun her, or i will make a fiend to destroy you! *everyone but charlotte shuns gaz* Charlotte! Shun her! Or else!

Charlotte: *raises hand* what is shunning?

Vendetta: you know what, youre a idiot, stop the shun! *everyone turns back to face the board and mr milk*

Mr milk: Now, how about we.... write?

Vendetta: Isn't it time for recess?

Mr milk: But we've never wrote.

Grudge *grunts*

Vendetta: *Grunts*

Red Bird: *BAWK!*

Mr milk: Oh yes, it is time for recess. Class dismissed.

At Recess: Marion, Vendetta, Charlotte, Grudge, Gir, Gaz, Dib, Zim, Marvin:[]

Vendetta: I think it is time to unveil my new fiend!

Marvin: My god!

Marion: oh no!!!!!!

Charlotte: Oh yes! I love seeing your newly created animals!

Vendetta: They are not animals, they are fiends! Anyway, this is... "Anti-Gaz Fiend!" *opens up crate* *inside is a Black Fiend, with pointed teeth, and 12 wheels* What does it do? Oh, only destroys the worst thing that came to clamburg since the stupid girl!

Gaz: Vendetta?

Vendetta: NO! the stupid girl is charlotte!

Charlotte: *in background* thats me!

Vendetta: And the worst thing that came to clamburg is gaz! GO GET HER, ANTI GAZ FIEND!

Anti Gaz Fiend: No GAZ!

Gaz: *starts running*

Vendetta: Just give up gaz!

Song: Wont give up! By: Vendetta and Gaz[]

Vendetta: Accept your fate, just give up!

Ive rigged up a sticky substance to make you stuck, its syrup!

In the end the TNT he has will blow you up.

Gaz: Ill never give up, never back down!

No matter how much it makes you frown!

And ill watch you when you fail and have a meltdown!

Vendetta and Gaz: Won't give up, wont back down!

Ill run you out of town! I wont give up, wont back down!

Not even to laugh if you have a meltdown!

I wont give up, wont back down!

Even if it's after sundown!

I won't give up, won't back down!

so you better step-down!!!!!


Vendetta: I think you're a good opponent, don't get me wrong!

But that's why won't prosper and live loooooong!

Don't get me wrong, you're hard to take down!

But still in this town, I own the crown!

Gaz: You must know ill take your crown!

And leave you down, on the ground facedown, with a frown!

ring ring, mrs vendetta? It's real life, calling you down!

To get off your throne for me. STEP DOWN!

Vendetta and Gaz: Won't give up, wont back down!

Ill run you out of town!

I wont give up, wont back down!

Not even to laugh if you have a meltdown!

I wont give up, wont back down!

Even if it's after sundown!

I won't give up, won't back down!

so you better step-down!!!!!



Outside Vendetta's House: Gaz, Vendetta, Charlotte:[]

Gaz: Oh look, I can lock her out of her house! MWAHAHA! *runs up to Vendetta's door*

Charlotte: Teehee! Hi friend!

Gaz: no time stupid girl! How do open this? *jiggles knob* it's locked.

Charlotte: Heres a rock vendetta gave to me!

Vendetta: *walks up* i threw it at you!

Gaz: Vendetta! :)

Vendetta: Give the Rock! *takes rock* you will get it back at the end of the school year.

Gaz: Ok mrs vendetta! Heres a apple!

Vendetta: and charlotte why are you here?

Charlotte: I like waiting for you! Anyway, we gotta go back to school.

Vendetta: lets get ice cream first.

10 minutes later.....

Outside Mu Elementary School: Zim, Gir, Gaz, Dib, Marion, Mr Milk, Grudge, Vendetta, Charlotte:[]

Charlotte: YAY SCHOOL!

Gaz: School sucks.

Vendetta: School is in need of fiends.

Mr milk: *opens door* ok, schools over! Get out!

Dib: finally! That was so boring.

Grudge: *grunts*

Vendetta: Oh, I was making sure Gaz died. I failed.

Gaz: Ha.

Marion: *slowly and carefully walks past vendetta*

Zim: finally, one school day closer to world domination! Hi vendetta.

Vendetta: hi.

Gir: Wheres my tacos?

zim: nowhere.


Zim: bye!

Dib: Bye!

Marion: bye....

Anti-Gaz Fiend: New target analyzed.

Vendetta: huh?

Anti-Gaz Fiend: Name: Vendetta.

Vendetta: NOOOOO! *Anti-Gaz Fiend runs toward her* *Vendetta runs*

Gaz: hehehe. Now bye! >:)

Charlotte: ooh! i have a song!

Song: Vendetta's Running Away: by Charlotte.[]

Charlotte: the anti-gaz fiend made vendetta run away!

Now she has gone astray!!!!!!

She might run all the way to broadway!

Or maybe just across a hallway!

She might come back someday!!!!!

But if not, we'll remember she ran away without her sundae!

Outside Mu Elementary School: Charlotte and Grudge:[]

Grudge: *Grunts angrily*

Charlotte: What?

Stay Tuned For The Next Episode.....


  • This was made by active administrator, Zim, as the 2nd part in Aliens And Fiends!
  • This is currently the Final part of Aliens And Fiends, as Zim didn't want to make a new part.
  • In this episode, it was planned to also have a subpart where Gir and charlotte become friends, but it got scrapped, as the Gaz vs Vendetta plotline was longer then expected.