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Clamburg, the storys main setting.

Once there was a alien, named Zim, who went to the town of Clamburg to take over a fiend-maker's town, named clamburg. This, is thier story:

Zim's House: Zim, Gir, Dib[]

(Zim Reading the newspaper) Zim: Boring, boring, blah, blah WHAT!? "Girl ruling Clamburg for 1 year!?" How does she do something I can't? NOONE IS MORE SUPERIOR THAN ZIM!!!! But wait, i could use this for destroying dib! hahaha *after random rambling*

Dib: *outside, in bushes* When is he gonna stop talking?

Zim: What was that?

Dib: *outside* NOTHING!

Zim: Ok. Gir, We are going to the town of Clamburg


Zim: Quiet Gir! *leaves house*

Dib: *behind bushes* So he's going to Clamburg, is he? Well, I'll be there too! *walks home*

Dib: Zim thinks he can destroy that girl, and get the town of Clamburg? Not If I have anything to do with it! I will make sure that girl is on my side, and I get her to make some... things to destroy zim once and for all!

Cab: Cab Driver, Zim, Gir.[]

Cab Driver: Where to?

Zim: the town of Clamburg! GO NOW!

Gir: Teehee! I can't wait to meet Charlotte!

Zim: What Charlotte?

Gir: It was in the newspaper! She likes cheese! YEEHAA! And ponies! :D I can't wait to meet her!

Zim: Well we're here to take over Clamburg, not meet a stupid crying worm baby human type thing.

Gir: Aww...

Zim: *reads sign* Clamburg, 3 seconds away. *sees clamburg* Stop, STOP!

Cab Driver: *stops* Here we are! *in demonic voice* WHERES MY MONEY!?

Zim: go pay him gir.

Gir: yes sir! *Gives him bacon*

Cab Driver: hey! This isn't money! This is bacon! You can't pay for a ride with Bacon!


Dib's House: Dib, Gaz, Professor Membrane:[]

Dib: Dad, can I go Clamburg?

Professor membrane: Why?

Dib: Oh you know, same as always.

Professor Membrane Puppet: To Save the earth?

Dib: Yes.

Professor Membrane: Bring Gaz with you!

Gaz: Do I have to go with him!?

Professor Membrane: Yes.

Dib: *Grabs Gaz by the wrist* *Drags her across the floor* Great dad, see you later!

Gaz: Let me go, or I'll make sure you will wished you were eaten by these.... fiends. Stupid name.

Dib: *lets go of Gaz's wrist* ha!

Gaz: *Strangles dib* YAAAA!

Dib: *makes choking sounds*

Professor Membrane: Gaz let go of your crazy brother!

Gaz: *lets go of dib* you got lucky.

Dib: I know.

Clamburg: Zim, Charlotte, Gir:[]

Zim: Clam, giant pet supplies, blah blah

.Charlotte: la la la la laaaaa!

Gir: Ooh! Whats that? Sounded like a squirrel! *makes squirrel noises*

Charlotte: ooh! A new person! *Walks up to Zim* Hi! My names Charlotte! You must be new! Where are you from? Do you like cheese? I like gouda!

Gir: ooh! You're charlotte!

Charlotte: what a cute dog you have! *Pets girs head* *notices the zipper* ooh! Dogs dont wear suits. *unzips his dog suit.* Ooh! its a pony!

Zim: *mumbles* idiot.

Charlotte: Anyway, are you coming to school?

Zim: yes, yesssss!

Charlotte: pets are allowed! I bring my hamster, buttons! And Vendetta bring Grudge! What a nice bear!

Zim: Vendetta!

Charlotte: You know her? Shes my BEST FRIEND! Teehee!

Zim: *grabs charlotte and pulls her closer* where is she?

Charlotte: shes at that elementary school! *Points toward Mu Elementary School*

Zim: how do i get into that school!?

Charlotte: Just walk in!

Zim: I see!

Cab: Cab Driver, Gaz, Dib, Charlotte.[]

Dib: STOP! *after stopping* Thanks! *exits*


Dib: Oh, there's a school. Chances are the alien-scum has already gotten into that school.

Charlotte: la la la laa!

Dib: Stop singing!

Charlotte: ooh! You're a new person too!

Gaz: I don't like you.

Charlotte: Aww. Well I will make sure we're BEST FRIENDS! *Hugs gaz*

Gaz: Get off me, or ill have your stupid little hairtie stuck in your throat, and you won't be able to breathe.

Charlotte: Thats ok! I can hold my breath for 9 whole hours! Anyway, are you going to school?

Gaz: N-

Dib: YES! Lets go!

Charlotte: ok! Teehee!

Mu Elementary School: Zim, Mr Milk, Vendetta, Red Bird Fiend, Grudge.[]

Zim: Hello little worm babies, im-

Mr Milk: one of the new students! Please have a seat.

Zim: *sits in front of Vendetta* Hello little worm-baby.

Vendetta: I know who you are, that dib idiot was screaming it across the world. I AM DIB! ZIM'S A ALIEN! He says youre a alien. idiot.

Zim: I know, such a silly human worm baby.

Mr Milk: I think we could read books.

Vendetta: isn't it time for RECESS?

Red Fiend Bird: *Ba caw!*

Grudge: *grunts*

Mr milk: Oh, oh yes. I forgot. Class dismissed.

Outside: Dib, Charlotte, Marion, Zim, Gir, Gaz, Mr Milk, Vendetta.[]

Dib: Schools over already?

Charlotte: No, Mr milk always says its recess at this time.

Dib: Weird.

Charlotte: But i gotta go talk to vendetta. See ya!

Dib: bye! thanks.

Marion: *walks over to Gaz and Dib* You need to watch out for her *points to charlotte and vendetta.*

dib: Charlotte? Shes harmless.

Marion: no, Vendetta! She makes things, horrible things! Ahh! *runs away*

Zim: Hello, stupid parawhatever inventory!

Dib: its paranormal investigator.

Zim: you might as well give up, cause ive already got the fiend maker by my side.

Dib: Yeah right! I wont give up.Gir: I LIKE TAQUITOS!

Gaz: Im bored.

Vendetta: *walks over to gaz* hi, stupid girl.

Gaz: Im smarter than you.

Zim: I dont believe it.

Gaz: stay out of this!

Mr milk: ok, its time to go home!

Vendetta: I will make a fiend, to destroy Gaz!

To be continued....


  • This story was created by Zim , one of the active administrators.
  • His inspiration was the idea of Making Fiends being so similar to zim, and so he thought, why not make a crossover.
  • This is the only episode to not feature a song.