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A Death Of Utapau
Season 6, Episode 3
Air date 05/01/2021
Written by LyokoWarrior12 &


Directed by LyokoWarrior12 &


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The episode starts off with Zim and Naggot flying in their ship on the way to Utapau as they were sent there by a source to Investigate a deal thats going on between The Tallest and the Separatists.

So Naggot my master what are we doing here asked Zim?

We are heading to Utapau to see what The Tallest and the Separatists are up too after hearing sources from this source telling us what was going on said Naggot.

Soon Zim and Naggot landed on Utapau and they were looking around.

Zim and Naggot soon got off the ship and they started to walk around looking for the Tallest and the Separatists.

Soon Zim and Naggot were confronted by the people of Utapau who had been waiting for them to show up.

Hello Zim and Naggot we have been waiting for you said the leader.

Ok good and we got the source that the Tallest and the Separatists are having a massive deal going on said Naggot.

What kind of deal asked Zim?

Well the deal is about something that we never heard about before said the leader.

Something you never heard about before asked Zim?

No and we need you guys to figure it out said the leader.

Alright were check it out said Naggot.

Soon they left and walked away to find the deal.

Meanwhile Zim and Naggot were walking by and they saw one of their own kind on the floor dead and they were shocked.

Naggot master look one of our minions are on this ground here and he's dead said Zim.

Yes I can see that and now we need to figure out how did he die said Naggot.

Zim check his body if he has any cuts or gun shots said Naggot.

Zim checked and couldn't find anything on him.

Sir I can't find anything I even scanned and there's nothing on him said Zim.

That's strange why wouldn't he have anything on him if he's dead asked Naggot?

I have no idea but what ever happened to your minion here I'm sure that the Tallest and the Separatists said Zim.

Just then Zim and Naggot were shocked as they looked at each other and then they had to find out where Naggot's minion get attacked at.

Ok then lets go this way then said Zim.

As he and Naggot went left down and suddenly they found a giant hole in the wall.

What's this hole doing here asked Zim?

I'm not sure but I'm sure whatever happened with this hole here I'm sure our minion's death had something to do with it said Naggot.

Yes I am sure it does said Zim.

Anyways lets keep moving said Zim.

Soon they did when suddenly Zim and Naggot managed to find a massive huge Kyber Crystal in a room filled with weapons.

Woah what is this asked Zim?

I don't know but it looks like a massive Kyber Crystal but what would something like that be doing here asked Naggot?

I don't know but this room where we found this Crystal is not that far from where we found one of your minions laying dead on the ground my lord said Zim.

Naggot and Zim soon figured out what caused the death of his minion and figured out what happened.

That's it it was this Crystal but how did it get here asked Naggot?

I don't know but lets go bury your minion said Zim.

Later that day Zim and Naggot were back and they started to burn the minions body similar to how people did in Star Wars.

So guys did you find out the cause of your minions death asked the leader?

Yes but at the same time we didn't find the Separatists nor The Tallest said Naggot.

But we did find the weapon that was used to kill our minion and it was a Kyber Crystal said Zim.

What would they need that Crystal for anyways asked the leader?

We have no idea but we are gonna stay here longer and get to the bottom of this said Zim.

Soon they were having the funeral and burning the minion body as the episode fads to black.

The End

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  • This arc was released in 2019 but was never published due to the show being canceled.